Seafood Surprise Casserole – Mermaid Approved!

My family loves rich meals that taste really flavorful. They never shy away from strong-smelling food, most especially my husband. The more flavorful a dish is, the more they will like it. Usually, we get our flavorful and rich fix from meat like beef and pork. These types of meat already have those natural flavors that you don’t need to season them much just to make them taste good. Even chicken is flavorful, at least the thigh and leg part; which is why it’s our favorite type of meat. Sometimes, we crave for something else other than these three. Usually, it’s seafood like crab, shrimp, and squid.

Speaking of seafood, I have a feeling you and your family are going to love this cheesy seafood casserole recipe. It’s like diving under the sea once you take a bite of this amazing dish. I already made this for my family a lot of times and they still can’t get enough.

The taste of seafood in casseroles is surprisingly incomparable. You have to make sure you have enough when serving this to a large crowd- it will surely be gone in seconds!

My life as a working mom makes it a bit harder for me to cook for a long time during weekdays. This is the reason why I try my best to find easy to make recipes that don’t require me to spend all day in the kitchen. I always make sure that these meals, while easy, taste really good. What’s most important to me is the way my family feels content and happy after eating the food that I cooked. This seafood casserole is super easy to make and super tasty too. This is probably one of my family’s favorites now.


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