She Grabs A Banana From The Kitchen. But The Moment She Peels It, She Spots Something So Horrifying, She Runs Out Of Her Home

A mom found a cluster of venomous little critters on her bananas that she bought from a supermarket. Then, she left the house immediately

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After discovering a cluster of Brazilian wandering spiders in her produce, Gemma Price, 30 years old, had been forced to leave her house along with her son, Leo, seven months old. Price, who lives in Stanley, Durham, moved back after specialists managed to remove and disinfect their house from the venomous spiders.

Price said, “I bought some loose bananas from Asda, in Stanley, on Monday. Next day I came home from gym and picked one off from the bunch and went upstairs. As I peeled the banana a white egg sac, which I hadn’t noticed before, broke and hundreds of little spiders were crawling on my hands and arms and down my pajamas.

“I threw the banana down on the bed and they spread everywhere. I was freaking out and screaming and trying to kill as many as I could. Some got into my baby Leo’s cot. I quickly picked him up and called 999.

“The operator asked if we had been bitten and when I said no, I was told to evacuate the property with my baby immediately and not go to back. My mother lived just across the road, so luckily I had somewhere to go that time of night.”


North News and PicturesAccording to Metro, Price immediately contacted Asda in Stanley to notify them about the spiders she found on the banana. The store manager told her to bring the bananas with the spiders to get a refund.

Price said, “It was absolutely comical. There was no way I was going to be walking with potentially venomous spiders in my bag. I contacted head office the next day but they said there was not much they could do about it.

“The conversation got heated when he suggested I shake the baby’s clothes out. I said I didn’t have any for Leo. That’s when he offered me a £50 voucher, as a goodwill gesture, to go to the store to get baby milk and pajamas and things he needed.”

Price also contacted Durham County Council’s environmental health department and got redirected to the pest control. She was informed that they didn’t have the necessary or correct skills to deal with foreign spiders. Price had to contact a specialist to deal with the infestation issue.

Price said, “I’m a chef and have had an encounter with a tropical spider before. I got bitten by a false widow spider several years ago and ended up in hospital. It could have been a totally different outcome if there was an adult spider with these. Hopefully I can make people aware.”

A spokesperson for Asda said, “We are investigating this issue with utmost priority, and will report as soon as possible.”

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