This One Took Me To Cake Heaven!

Please try not to drool all over the screen when I tell you this is going to be an Oreo cake recipe! We all love Oreos but, come on – where are your manners? Ok, I have to admit there was a little bit of drooling going on here, as well, when I came across this recipe. Just think about it; cake… Oreos… chocolate glaze… It’s almost too much to handle!

After convincing myself that I wasn’t dreaming but this was actually a recipe I could make, I wasted no time. I had almost all of the ingredients ready, except for the Oreos (Duh! There’s no way I could hold on to a box of those for longer than 2 days!) Just a quick run to the nearest store and I was ready to make this cake. Guys, this is an easy one. If I could do it, anyone can!

I bet you thought there would be a cake mix package involved. Surprise! There isn’t! This baby is made from scratch and it’s still very simple. In fact, you could even bring in your kids to help you out with this (or have them make it for you, if you sound enthusiastic enough they won’t even notice what’s going on).

Here’s what our friends over at Group Recipes said about this gorgeous cake:

My homage to Jackie Chan’s Oreo Smash Cake. I thought a yellow cake would show the Oreo chunks more dramatically. Made from scratch. Super easy. No mixer needed. Pillow soft, moist and crammed with Oreo chunks.


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